Thursday, March 1, 2007

Employment report highlights - SDM Pulse, Spring 2007

Helen Trimble
By Helen Trimble, director of SDM Career Development

SDM takes pride in educating future technical leaders, innovators and systems thinkers for employment in industries and organizations as diverse as nonprofits, aerospace and financial services. Our graduates also take on technology consulting and leadership roles in product development, business strategy and operations.

Although many students come to SDM through company sponsorship, for those who do not, SDM publishes an employment report each year. As in past years, our 2006 self-funded graduates were highly successful in securing employment: many accepted top technical and managerial positions.

Employers recognize that the prior work experience of our graduates (who have an average of 10 years upon entering SDM), the rigor of the SDM academic program and the diversity of thought and experience among SDM colleagues equip SDM fellows to communicate and lead across disciplines and to solve complex problems throughout organizations. Also for these reasons, SDM’s 2006 self-funded graduates earned a base salary of nearly $8,000 more then their MBA peers from Sloan.

Following are some results from an employment survey of 2006 SDM self-funded graduates:

> 100 percent of the SDM fellows who responded to the survey were employed before graduating in May 2006.
> The average number of job offers for an SDM graduate is 2.2.
> SDM fellows received an average base salary of $109,800 (median $109,000), representing an increase of $32,040 or 41 percent over the average base salary prior to entering the SDM program.
> Consulting and strategy job functions drew 25 percent of the 2006 SDM graduates, followed by engineering/management and operations/project management both at 20 percent, general management/leadership and IT/software each at 15 percent and marketing/sales at 5 percent.
> 45 percent of the SDM graduates received an annual performance bonus averaging 17 percent of salary.

To view the complete 2005-2006 SDM Employment Report, go to: report06.pdf.

For information on recruiting and hiring SDM graduates, contact Helen Trimble, director of SDM Career Development, at or 617.258.8256.

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