Tuesday, October 9, 2007

SDM invites industry partners to get involved - SDM Pulse, Fall 2007

SDM invites current and potential industry partners to the MIT Faculty Club on October 17, 2007, for a discussion of how best to satisfy their technical leadership needs and requirements via SDM’s educational and research offerings. The meeting is just one of the ways SDM stays tuned into the needs of industry.

Representatives from a variety of industries and the program staff will share their insights on creating high-value working relationships between a company and SDM’s students, faculty, and researchers. The agenda includes a review of all aspects of the SDM and certificate programs, including curriculum, thesis projects, the distance option, the intensive January program requirement, and business trips. A student and alumni panel will also provide direct feedback to company representatives on creating value from their perspective.

This meeting is designed to help SDM identify industry trends, issues, and requirements and continue to evolve its “product offerings” for the benefit of its partners.

A review of concepts developed by MIT SDM faculty for increasing the benefits of partnership to companies, as well as financial obligations of partnership will be included. For more information, contact John M. Grace, SDM industry codirector, at jmgrace@mit.edu or 617.253.2081.

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