Sunday, October 12, 2008

Rich agenda planned for SDM partners meeting - SDM Pulse, Fall 2008

By John M. Grace, SDM industry codirector

The annual meeting of SDM industry partners will take place on October 22, 2008, at the MIT Faculty Club from 8:30 am to 4 pm.

SDM industry partners are firms that actively support students in SDM programs. Such support can range from full to partial funding for an SDM master’s student, full support for an SDM certificate student, or support of thesis research. In all of these situations, close interaction between the industry partner, SDM student, MIT faculty, and the SDM program is encouraged.

This year’s meeting provides an opportunity for partners to exchange ideas with their peers, SDM directors, and MIT faculty as well as to share information about their educational and research needs. MIT’s open environment, coupled with a meeting format structured to promote active discussion among companies, faculty, and program staff, provides opportunities that cannot easily be duplicated.

The agenda for the October 2008 meeting includes:
  • An update on SDM curriculum modifications and options resulting from a yearlong review
  • Faculty presentations on “Systems Engineering for Changeability” and “Commonality and Software Systems Engineering,” with ample time for questions.
  • A look at the SDM certificate program—growth, potential, and opportunities—and the options it offers partner companies to build or strengthen systems thinking internally.
  • Leadership development within SDM’s curriculum and its relation to industry partner needs. Summaries of various partner companies’ leadership programs will be presented and discussed.
  • Summary of scope and content of award-winning SDM theses for 2008 will be presented. Discussion and comments from firms will be encouraged.
  • An open forum discussion on engineering systems issues in service industries. This area is of great interest to both MIT’s Engineering Systems Division and to SDM, which are actively seeking industry input.
The annual partners’ meeting has historically been viewed by SDM industry partners and the program as an excellent way to obtain feedback on direction, needs, and current issues facing both the program and its critical customer base in companies.

For further information, please contact John M. Grace, SDM industry codirector,, 617.253.2081.

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