Friday, May 14, 2010

MIT SDM alumnus reports from Iraq; authors articles on systems thinking

Major Nathan Minami, SDM ’06, recently wrote to let us know that he is currently deployed to Iraq, serving in Baghdad as the operations officer for an 800-soldier light infantry battalion.

“It’s amazing to see how much things have improved since I was here in 2000; it’s good to know that much gain has come from our efforts,” he said. “I am amazed each time I drive through or fly over Baghdad to see how it looks like a pretty normal city with lots of cars on the roads, shops open, and people walking about. And what's most impressive is that the government of Iraq, Iraqi security forces and essential service agencies are running the country now, largely on their own with relatively little support from us.”

Nate has also recently authored or co-authored some systems thinking articles:

Understanding the Problem in Afghanistan: A Plan for Stability

Dynamic Analysis of Combat Vehicle Accidents – co-authored with Professor Stuart Madnick
(scroll down to VOLUME 25, NUMBER 2, April/June, 2009)

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