Friday, October 1, 2010

SDM faculty unveil The Journal of Enterprise Transformation - SDM Pulse Fall 2010

By Ricardo Valerdi, research associate, and Deborah Nightingale, codirector, Lean Advancement Initiative at MIT

Ricardo Valerdi
Enterprises increasingly need to consider and pursue fundamental change—transformation—to maintain or gain competitive advantage. This need raises important research issues concerning how transformation is best understood and pursued.
The Journal of Enterprise Transformation (JET)—a joint publication of the Institute of Industrial Engineers and the International Council on Systems Engineering—is the first journal devoted exclusively to examining the phenomenon of transformation. JET’s focus is interdisciplinary research addressing enterprise transformation challenges within and across different domains such as aerospace, health care, financial services, government and public-private partnerships, etc. JET promotes a holistic approach to advancing our understanding of enterprise transformation by addressing the challenges from technical, behavioral, managerial, and social perspectives.
Deborah Nightingale
“JET has the opportunity to make important contributions to the field of enterprise transformation,” said Pat Hale, director of MIT’s System Design and Management Fellows Program and past president of INCOSE. “We are indebted to Professor Nightingale and Dr. Valerdi for helping to spearhead this endeavor.”
Published quarterly beginning in winter 2011, JET will provide a forum for original articles on trends, new findings, and ongoing research related to enterprise transformation. Bringing together interdisciplinary research in management, industrial and systems engineering, information systems, organizational behavior, political science, and economics, JET will cover the latest developments and directions for future research (both theory and application). JET is designed to serve professionals and researchers who conduct enterprise-level planning, manage organizational transformation, or work in related research areas. Topics to look for in future issues include:
  • Enterprise definition and boundaries
  • Context-specific case studies of transformation
  • Enterprise change management
  • Theory of the process of transformation
  • Behavioral aspects of transformation
  • Role of information technology in transformation
  • Enterprise architecting, modeling, and simulation
  • Enterprise performance measurement
  • Policy considerations
Specific emphasis will be placed on the enterprise as the unit of analysis, interdisciplinary research with socio-technical perspectives, a balance of both rigor and relevance, and studies across the spectrum of research methods (qualitative and quantitative). JET papers are not meant to focus exclusively on isolated processes (i.e., manufacturing floor) or be theoretically dense.
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