Monday, February 14, 2011

SDM Students Visit Satcon

By Karl Critz, SDM ‘10

In December, 2010 a group of SDM students visited Satcon, a Boston-based developer of solar cell inverters. They met with Program Manager Mark Prestero (MIT '79), who detailed the company's rapid growth and expansion of system engineering functions. He noted that inverters convert a solar array’s DC signal to grid-frequency AC, so Satcon must ensure that the equipment functions properly as part of the overall electrical grid.

The SDMs toured the on-site prototyping and test facility, impressed by the company's ability to engage in rapid design iteration.

(Left to right) Satcon Program Manager Mark Prestero with SDM students Dennis Evans, Donny Holaschutz, Felipe Grillo and Kurt Keville, and SDM alum Charles Atencio.

Photo by Karl Critz (trip organizer)

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