Monday, March 7, 2011

Employers recognize value of hiring SDM graduates - SDM Pulse Spring 2011

By Helen M. Trimble, director, SDM Career Development

Helen Trimble
Interest in SDM graduates continues to accelerate as more companies become aware of the value of hiring MIT graduates who have both technical and management expertise. Recent SDM Fellows have assumed top-level leadership positions across a wide range of industries.
SDM takes pride in educating its students to assume leadership and technology consulting roles in product development, business strategy, and operations for industries and organizations as diverse as nonprofits, aerospace, health care, pharmaceuticals, and financial services. Examples of positions into which our graduates were hired this year include manager of business development, senior systems engineer, vice president of engineering, founding manager, and director of technology strategy.
Following is a brief overview of the placement statistics for the 2009-2010 year. Although many students come to SDM through company sponsorship, for those who do not, SDM compiles the data and publishes an employment report each year. This report includes 22 self-funded SDM students hired by world-class organizations. During the recent economic downturn, these organizations have recognized the importance of hiring people with the right skill set to be competitive into the future.
Highlights of the employment survey results include:
•    100 percent of SDM Fellows who responded to the survey are employed, with 90 percent accepting employment before graduation in May 2010, and the remaining 10 percent accepting employment within one month of graduation.
•    SDM Fellows received an average base salary of $105,037 (median $105,000), which represents an increase of $28,187 or 37 percent over their average base salary prior to entering the SDM program.
•    Product development/management job functions drew 25 percent of the 2010 graduates followed by consulting/strategy at 20 percent.
•    55 percent of the SDM graduates will be eligible for a guaranteed annual bonus or performance bonus averaging 16 percent of salary
We invite your company to participate in upcoming SDM recruitment activities and to interview our self-funded SDM students. Contact Helen Trimble at with any questions or for further information and a copy of the 2009-2010 SDM Employment Report.

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