Tuesday, March 1, 2011

SDM students launch MIT chapter of INCOSE – SDM Pulse, Spring 2011

By Donny Holaschutz, SDM ’10

Donny Holaschutz, SDM ’10
Students in the MIT System Design and Management Program (SDM) this fall launched the MIT Student Division of the International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE).
INCOSE is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to advancing the field of systems engineering for the benefit of humanity. The student chapter was founded to create opportunities for students at MIT to become involved in INCOSE, and to provide INCOSE members with access to the innovative and entrepreneurial spirit of MIT.
The chapter was founded by several members of SDM’s 2010 cohort—Karl Critz, Matt Harper, Donny Holaschutz, Rafael Marañón-Abreu, and Arjun Shrinath—along with Troy Peterson, SDM Certificate ’09. Associate Professor Olivier de Weck, the associate director of the MIT Engineering Systems Division (within which SDM resides), is the group’s faculty advisor.
The student chapter at MIT enriches a long-standing partnership between SDM and INCOSE that dates back to the organization’s founding in 1990. Several MIT research staff and professors have held leadership roles in the INCOSE national organization over the years, including Pat Hale, director of the SDM Fellows Program, who is a past president of the organization.
The MIT Student Division of INCOSE is dedicated not only to advancing systems engineering practice through its activities, but also to developing tomorrow’s systems thinkers and leaders. Activities held this fall included presentations by de Weck and Neil Snyder, the executive director of systems engineering and program integration at the National Renewable Energy Lab.

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