Tuesday, October 4, 2011

SDM Timeline - SDM Pulse Fall 2011

The MIT System Design and Management (SDM) program is co-founded by Professor Thomas L. Magnanti of the MIT Sloan School of Management and Professor Edward F. Crawley of the MIT School of Engineering. The program is piloted with 11 students.
SDM admits inaugural class of 35 students. It is MIT's first master's program with an option for distance learners, who are able to take MIT classes using videoconferencing, videotape, and web-assisted instruction.
Toyota begins sales of the Prius, the world's first mass-produced gasoline-electric hybrid car.
This year was the deadline set by the Institute of Medicine for implementation of electronic medical health record keeping. While such records are now widespread, they are not yet universal.
The first class enters the SDM Graduate Certificate in Systems and Product Development program. Initially a partnership between SDM and United Technologies Corporation, the certificate program has expanded over the years to serve students from other companies and interests.
Novartis receives FDA approval to market Gleevec, a targeted cancer therapy that becomes a blockbuster drug.
SDM alumni hold their first conference, themed “Leadership in a Complex and Changing Business Environment.”
John Deere enters partnership with Home Depot to sell its signature green and yellow lawn tractors via a mass channel for the first time.
Apple launches iTunes, leading to the concept of integrated music delivery and use. This fundamentally changes the music business for both the industry and consumers.
SDM begins providing career services to its self-funded students.
Pat Hale is appointed director of the SDM Fellows Program.
SDM marks 10th year. Initially grounded in engineering, the program has expanded to include students from the financial, business, high-tech, and military sectors.
Nintendo unveils the Wii home video game console, making a distinct departure from previous video games by introducing a wireless controller along with games that get users up and moving.
Apple releases the iPhone, essentially a pocket-sized computer with a revolutionary touch-screen interface.
Pat Hale becomes president of the International Council on Systems Engineering.
Keio University in Japan launches its Graduate School of System Design and Management patterned on SDM.
SDM sponsors the MIT Conference on Systems Thinking for Contemporary Challenges, an outgrowth of the alumni-only conference now open to all.
The Society of Women Engineers presents SDM with a certificate of appreciation.
MIT SDM Systems Thinking Webinar Series launched.
SDM joins the Master of Engineering Management Programs Consortium.

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